Deze tekst raakt me en is gemaakt door één van mijn leraren. Ik deel hem daarom graag.


Text from Red Alternativa (Madrid, Spain) – March – April 2003

None of us can avoid pain, injuries, or fear. Like it or not, it is, quite simply, part of everyone’s life. We are in one sense, a ‘psycho-physical’ organism, and “pain” is an energy that each of us must receive and somehow learn to understand consciously. (Think of low back pain, poor digestion, a ‘broken heart’, stiff neck, troubled sleep, cuts, shocks, shallow breathing, sore legs, aching shoulders, tired painful feet, a broken wrist, sore -throat, colds, etc. Who can avoid these happenings?) Ask yourself, “What happens inside the bodymind when we experience pain or strong fear?” Your bodymind tissues (which includes our muscles, bones, joints, nerves, protective mechanisms, thoughts, fluids, hormones, organs, breath, and fascia) have an “imbedded memory” of every painful “physical” and “psychological” event. “Pain” causes body tissues to contract and lose their ability to conduct positive energy… the body doesn’t move there, or movement is compromised. The inner consciousness there is less, and awareness and sensitivity levels go
down. We become “out of touch” and careful with that part, and this has a negative affect in other parts of our ‘energy field’. The “movement pattern” and possible range and fluidity of each joint of our skeleto n is ‘imprinted’ in the connective tissues immediately surrounding the
joint…the inter -action and coordination “between” joints is also a determining factor in the “movement pattern”… so is the “mind’s” memory/sensory/motion connection within the brain. (On the deeper inner-anatomy level, these specialized tissues deep within each joint, are known
as “proprio-ceptors” and they provide us with a constant feedback awareness of our sense of movement , feeling, and inner space). If this tension-protection remains unconscious and fear oriented, the joints will eventulally develop tension and distorted movement patterns, and pain.
Unconsciously, there is a deep, constant fear in the psyche that the part could be injured again, so we hold the part , thinking this tension will prevent new pain. We are almost ‘expecting’ some future pain. In fact, this subconscious fear forces the pain to hide deeper within the bodymind.
You can see that this psychic energy now affects the whole organism. What can be done? With a conscious, 3-dimensional, liquid movement of the joints, we can give the area “a new message” which alters the existing pattern and enhances movement and sensitivity. This “new message”
along with conscious touching, is what I want to call “Bone-whispering “.

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